Building Great Homes - Together
Our Warranty Team is responsible for ensuring that our Inspired Customer Service continues long after the moving van pulls away. You’ll work closely with Customers, Personal Builders℠ and subcontractors in a fast-paced and exciting environment — helping to make a smooth process for all!
Warranty Positions

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Team Member Insights

Jeff Katz Division President Dallas
As the Division President, I love being able to help and encourage each Team Member to be the best they can be. Not only that, I get to work with Sales Consultants, Builders and Warranty Managers to sell, build, close and warrant homes. In doing so, we delight our Customers, make money and come closer to fulfilling Our Purpose of Building Dreams, Enhancing Lives!
Victoria F. Sales Consultant Austin, TX
I help Customers turn their dreams into reality! In addition to promoting our company and finding new Homebuyers to delight, I enjoy coming up with exciting sales presentations for prospective buyers and keeping Customers in the know about their loan status and design selections so there’ll be no surprises at closing!
Daniel Gonzalez Purchasing Manager Salt Lake City
It can definitely be a challenge keeping up with the demands of so many Homeowners! But daily pow wows with my colleagues in sales, construction and purchasing helps us make sure that our Builders have the supplies they need to make our Customers’ dreams of homeownership come true in a community they love!
Anita Z. Marketing Home Services Team
In working for our Marketing Department, I get to be a part of branding our company and giving it a voice. As such, I play a role in the development of our company-wide newsletter that keeps Team Members up to date with our growing business. Even better, I get to create all sorts of print and web-based content that promotes our company and engage our Customers!
Angie Huser Senior Internet Advisor Indianapolis
I’m usually a Customer’s first impression of David Weekley Homes! By internet, phone and new lines of communication, I help our Customers get closer to buying their slice of paradise, while following up with buyers who visit our website and providing leads to Sales Consultants so our Prospects don’t fall through the cracks!
Walter W. Area President Denver, CO
I am responsible for overseeing our growth and land positions in the city while maintaining the culture, Customer Satisfaction goals and profitability. We get to work with managers on multiple tasks that empower our Team Members to build, sell and close homes that delight our Customers and enhance their communities.
Beth Wronski Senior Design Consultant Phoenix
I help our Customers design the homes of their dreams by assisting with their selections and guiding them through the process of designing their home. In meeting with my Customers I discover their wants and loves, and help them bring their vision to life with a home that’s a true reflection of their needs, lifestyles and personalities!
Pamela H. Warranty Service Representative Phoenix, AZ
As a Warranty Service Representative, I meet with Customers to explain the warranty process, answer any questions and welcome them to the David Weekley Family. I review the specifics of our multi-level warranty and provide Customers with maintenance tips to keep their home in tip-top shape. I truly enjoy working with Homeowners so that they enjoy their new dream home.
Erika Manquero Senior Builder Dallas
I have one of the most fascinating jobs in the industry and am involved in all aspects of the home buying process. Not only do I make sure that all production is met and that the home is completed in a timely manner, but I also delight our Customers by coordinating the construction of quality-built homes!
Kristina L. Project Manager Tampa, FL
I am responsible for handling all functional operations, including budgeting, cost control and Customer Satisfaction. The fast-paced and the ever-changing demands of a Project Manager can make each day a rewarding and unique experience. I enjoy the challenge of bringing the Team together – from Sales Consultants to Builders to our Support Team – to exceed our goals and enhance the lives of our Homeowners.
Indarti J. Lead Estimator Tampa, FL
As the Estimator, I tally up everything required for the construction of homes. Collaborating with my Team, I measure and count all materials from the flooring materials to wood finishing, and then plug that information into our system to ensure that everything is in place for the construction of our Customers’ dream homes.
Tommy M. Construction Manager Houston, TX
I work hard, but have fun doing it! I make sure that our Customers’ homes are in the best hands during the building process and beyond. Best of all, I get to plan and supervise the building of each dream home until the last brick is in place!